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package margo
import (
// Margo is the entry-point to margo
func Margo(m mg.Args) {
// See the documentation for `mg.Reducer`
// comments beginning with `gs:` denote features that replace old GoSublime settings
// add our reducers (margo plugins) to the store
// they are run in the specified order
// and should ideally not block for more than a couple milliseconds
// MOTD keeps you updated about new versions and important announcements
// It adds a new command `motd.sync` available via the UserCmd palette as `Sync MOTD (check for updates)`
// Interval can be set in order to enable automatic update fetching.
// When new updates are found, it displays the message in the status bar
// e.g. `★ ★` a url where you see the upcoming changes before updating
// It sends the following data to the url
// * current editor plugin name e.g. `?client=gosublime`
// this tells us which editor plugin's changelog to check
// * current editor plugin version e.g. `?tag=r18.09.14-1`
// this allows us to determine if there any updates
// * whether or not this is the first request of the day e.g. `?firstHit=1`
// this allows us to get an estimated count of active users without storing
// any personally identifiable data
// No other data is sent. For more info contact privacy at
// Interval, if set, specifies how often to automatically fetch messages from Endpoint
// Interval: 3600e9, // automatically fetch updates every hour
mg.NewReducer(func(mx *mg.Ctx) *mg.State {
// By default, events (e.g. ViewSaved) are triggered in all files.
// Replace `mg.AllLangs` with `mg.Go` to restrict events to Go(-lang) files.
// Please note, however, that this mode is not tested
// and saving a non-go file will not trigger linters, etc. for that go pkg
return mx.SetConfig(mx.Config.EnabledForLangs(
// Add `go` command integration
// this adds a new commands:
// gs: these commands are all callable through 9o:
// * go: Wrapper around the go command, adding linter support
// * Automatically build and run go commands or run go test for packages
// with support for linting and unsaved files
// * go.replay: Wrapper around limited to a single instance
// by default this command is bound to ctrl+.,ctrl+r or cmd+.,cmd+r
// UserCmds are also added for `Go Play` and `Go RePlay`
// Make the output of `go test -bench...` more readable.
// Humanize: true,
// add the day and time to the status bar
// both GoFmt and GoImports will automatically disable the GoSublime version
// you will need to install the `goimports` tool manually
// gs: this replaces settings `fmt_enabled`, `fmt_tab_indent`, `fmt_tab_width`, `fmt_cmd`
// golang.GoFmt,
// or
// golang.GoImports,
// Configure general auto-completion behaviour
// whether or not to include Test*, Benchmark* and Example* functions in the auto-completion list
// gs: this replaces the `autocomplete_tests` setting
ProposeTests: false,
// Don't try to automatically import packages when auto-compeltion fails
// e.g. when `json.` is typed, if auto-complete fails
// "encoding/json" is imported and auto-complete attempted on that package instead
// See AddUnimportedPackages
NoUnimportedPackages: false,
// If a package was imported internally for use in auto-completion,
// insert it in the source code
// See NoUnimportedPackages
// e.g. after `json.` is typed, `import "encoding/json"` added to the code
AddUnimportedPackages: false,
// Don't preload packages to speed up auto-completion, etc.
NoPreloading: false,
// Don't suggest builtin types and functions
// gs: this replaces the `autocomplete_builtins` setting
NoBuiltins: false,
// Enable auto-completion
// gs: this replaces the `gscomplete_enabled` setting
// show the function parameters. this can take up a lot of space
ShowFuncParams: true,
// show func arguments/calltips in the status bar
// gs: this replaces the `calltips` setting
// use guru for goto-definition
// new commands `goto.definition` and `guru.definition` are defined
// gs: by default `goto.definition` is bound to ctrl+.,ctrl+g or cmd+.,cmd+g
// add some default context aware-ish snippets
// gs: this replaces the `autocomplete_snippets` and `default_snippets` settings
// add our own snippets
// gs: this replaces the `snippets` setting
// check the file for syntax errors
// gs: this and other linters e.g. below,
// replaces the settings `gslint_enabled`, `lint_filter`, `comp_lint_enabled`,
// `comp_lint_commands`, `gslint_timeout`, `lint_enabled`, `linters`
// Add user commands for running tests and benchmarks
// gs: this adds support for the tests command palette `ctrl+.`,`ctrl+t` or `cmd+.`,`cmd+t`
// additional args to add to the command when running tests and examples
TestArgs: []string{},
// additional args to add to the command when running benchmarks
BenchArgs: []string{"-benchmem"},
// GoGenerate adds a UserCmd that calls `go generate` in go packages and sub-dirs
&golang.GoGenerate{Args: []string{"-v", "-x"}},
// run `go install -i` on save
// golang.GoInstall("-i"),
// or
// golang.GoInstallDiscardBinaries("-i"),
// GoInstallDiscardBinaries will additionally set $GOBIN
// to a temp directory so binaries are not installed into your $GOPATH/bin
// the -i flag is used to install imported packages as well
// it's only supported in go1.10 or newer
// run `go vet` on save. go vet is ran automatically as part of `go test` in go1.10
// golang.GoVet(),
// run `go test -race` on save
// golang.GoTest("-race"),
// run `golint` on save
// &golang.Linter{Name: "golint", Label: "Go/Lint"},
// run gometalinter on save
// &golang.Linter{Name: "gometalinter", Args: []string{
// "--disable=gas",
// "--fast",
// }},
// AsmFmt is a reducer that does code fmt'ing for `.s` files.
// It uses the package
// &golang.AsmFmt{},
// Prettier is a reducer that does code fmt'ing using
// It fmt's CSS, HTML, JS, JSON, JSX, SVG, TS, TSX and XML files.
// NOTE: as a special-case, files with extensions starting with `.sublime-` are ignored.
// NOTE: you will need to install prettier separately
// You will need to `import ""`
// &web.Prettier{
// Langs: web.PrettierDefaultLangs,
// },
// PackageScripts adds UserCmd entries for each script defined in package.json
// You will need to `import ""`
// &nodejs.PackageScripts{},
// DayTimeStatus adds the current day and time to the status bar
type DayTimeStatus struct {
func (dts DayTimeStatus) RMount(mx *mg.Ctx) {
// kick off the ticker when we start
dispatch := mx.Store.Dispatch
go func() {
ticker := time.NewTicker(1 * time.Second)
for range ticker.C {
func (dts DayTimeStatus) Reduce(mx *mg.Ctx) *mg.State {
// we always want to render the time
// otherwise it will sometimes disappear from the status bar
now := time.Now()
format := "Mon, 15:04"
if now.Second()%2 == 0 {
format = "Mon, 15 04"
return mx.AddStatus(now.Format(format))
// MySnippets is a slice of functions returning our own snippets
var MySnippets = golang.SnippetFuncs(
func(cx *golang.CompletionCtx) []mg.Completion {
// if we're not in a block (i.e. function), do nothing
if !cx.Scope.Is(golang.BlockScope) {
return nil
return []mg.Completion{
Query: "if err",
Title: "err != nil { return }",
Src: "if ${1:err} != nil {\n\treturn $0\n}",