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@DisposaBoy DisposaBoy released this
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This release contains a number of features and bug fixes that have been worked on over the last few months.

You will need to restart Sublime Text for all changes to take effect

  • Add new GoCmd{} option Humanize to make go test and go re/play (in test mdoe) output more readable (using

    • large numbers are split up using commas
    • 123456 ns/op is converted to µs/op, etc.
    • 123456 B/op is converted to KiB/op, etc.

    To enabled it, use:

        Humanize: true,

    e.g. output:

    goos: linux
    goarch: amd64
    BenchmarkPoke/Miss-8            388,868       2.952 µs/op
    BenchmarkPoke/Hit-8            1,739,704         684 ns/op

    Known bugs:

    • The output fields are not aligned
  • Add new reducer golang.GoGenerate

    It adds a UserCmd (cord ctrl/cmd+.,ctrl/cmd+.c) named Go Generate that calls go generate in the closest go package (current dir or parent dirs).

    It can be enabled with:

        Args: []string{"-v", "-x"},
  • Auto-completion now works when the line ends with a dot (.)

  • Add new reducer golang.AsmFmt

    It does code fmt'ing for .s files using

    It formats .s files when they are saved, or the fmt cord ctrl+.,ctrl.f is pressed.

  • Add new reducer &web.Prettier{}

    It does code fmt'ing using
    By default It fmt's CSS, HTML, JS, JSON, JSX, SVG, TS, TSX and XML files.

    To specify the list of langs to fmt set the Langs field:

        // Langs: []mg.Lang{mg.JS}, // only fmt .js files
        Langs: web.PrettierDefaultLangs,

    You might also need to import "".

    You will need to install prettier separately.

  • Add new Lang constants: mg.HTML, mg.SVG and mg.XML

  • Add mgutil.SplitWriter a writer that writes to an underlying writer in split chunks e.g. lines somewhat similar to bufio.scanner

  • and go.replay (cord ctrl/cmd+.,ctrl/cmd+r) now works in in unsaved _test.go files.

  • go.replay now runs the Benchmark* func surrounding the cursor.

    Compared to ctrl/cmd+shift+left-click, it also runs tests.

    Known bugs:

    • It currently ignores the TestArgs and BenchmarkArgs options of the golang.TestCmds reducer.
  • mg.CmdCtx supports a new option Verbose,

    When cx.Verbose = truethe commands that are run are printed to the output prefixed with #.

    e.g. output:

    [ `replay` | done ]
    # go test -test.bench=^BenchmarkPoke$
    goos: linux

    It's enabled for and go.replay (cord ctrl/cmd+.,ctrl/cmd+r).

  • Issues without a valid tag are now defaulted to mg.Error instead of being ignored.

    This fixes some cases where the error palette shows errors, but the status and HUD doesn't.

  • Fix some cases where issues are reported in the wrong file or incorrectly anchored to the current file.

  • goutil.IsPkgDir() and other functions now use the VFS, so should touch the disk less.