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This fork aims to fix the immediate errors in the sparsely maintained mod, as well as add some rebalancing for the more 'hardcore' features of the mod. In case you don't want the rebalancing, the vanilla-errorfixed branch should serve you well. Credit for initial error fixes goes to /u/dissociativity of the Cataclysm discourse forum.
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items fix ice box and add looks_likes for a few vehicle parts Mar 30, 2020
locations Fix errors in 'color' and 'sym' formatting Jan 12, 2020
mods Update noct-pk Dec 28, 2019
monsters Fix load errors Feb 8, 2020
spawns more fixes from discord Dec 17, 2019
speech The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
vehicle Vehicle fixes by Malkeus Sep 1, 2019
Building_Template Blank.txt antibodies, jabberwock nerf May 15, 2017
NC_DOOMGUY.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
NC_traitgroup.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
PKs discontinued code.txt Fix errors in 'color' and 'sym' formatting Jan 12, 2020 tweak wound attacks Apr 10, 2017
attack_types.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
modinfo.json mark new version to publish for 0.E Apr 2, 2020
phaseout.json Fix errors in 'color' and 'sym' formatting Jan 12, 2020
pk_ammo_types.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_classes.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_construction.json Fix load errors Feb 8, 2020
pk_critter_factions.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_effects.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_effects_override.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_emit.json tweak acid bombs May 24, 2018
pk_harvest.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_health_messages.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_map_furniture.json Fix errors in 'color' and 'sym' formatting Jan 12, 2020
pk_map_terrain.json Fix errors in 'color' and 'sym' formatting Jan 12, 2020
pk_materials.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_mutation.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_mutation_override.json fix mutations Mar 6, 2019
pk_overmap.json debloat to make room for more specials Jul 4, 2019
pk_overmap_terrain.json Fix errors in 'color' and 'sym' formatting Jan 12, 2020
pk_professions.json The Big Lint Jan 17, 2019
pk_recipe.json update recipes to use new time format Jun 9, 2019
pk_recipe_override.json more fixes from discord Dec 17, 2019
pk_regional_overlay.json fix mapgen bugs and startup crash Apr 3, 2019
pk_scenerios.json more fixes from discord Dec 17, 2019
pk_snippets.json snippets actually fixed! Feb 9, 2020
pk_start_locations.json Spawn tweaks for zed evo + fixes Mar 8, 2019
pk_technique.json Add files via upload Apr 2, 2020


PRM for C:DDA Readme updated 22JAN17

PKs Rebalancing Mod for C:DDA readme

Thanks for downloading the mod, and even moreso for taking the time to read a readme. Im personally hit and miss with which readmes I even bother to look at nowadays.

This mod, as Im sure you are aware by now, overhauls all the little things about C:DDA to make it a new experience while still using the old mechanics. Its harder to survive, sure, but not because I directly made it harder to dodge or I did some magic to the code. I strictly only use JSON to update the game.


A quick overview of the overarching changes:

  • Building variations -> Coregame buildings have new layouts or in some cases are made with stone to further protect their loot and any survivors inside.

  • New Buildings -> New structures are all over the place, things like plantations and cemeteries and spider lairs and demonic abodes that house terrifying monsters ...

  • New Overmap Structures -> New styles of starter shelters, new possible biomes for structures, and new possible terminals and new chances for structures to spawn in between the terminal the city, creating more variety while traveling.

  • New Factions -> Demons inspired by the Doom Franchise appear, and have terrifying abilities. Ants are refactioned into a stronger force, spiders become threatening, and several new robotic and cyborg enemies appear.

  • New Monsters -> Old monsters are revisited and new ones are created to fill biological niches in the post-apocolyptic world. Native life will mutate into new forms over time, and older ones may go extinct over time, leaving a permanent sense of change upon the world.

  • New Factional Relationships -> Some factions have new relationships with one another. Birds and spiders and zombies and more will interact with minor factions on a more detailed level, and the ai to its fullest to express an ecosystem.

  • New Major Faction Monsters -> Tons of new zombies and zombie evolution paths, New fungal monsters and native fungus wildlife, new triffids to fill their lacking infrastructure, and new monsters and remade bosses for several of the dungeons of the game.

  • New items -> A whole host of new items are added to the game in order to add variety, fun, or allow rebalancing to the game. homemade anti-radiation medicine, new scifi ammo and guns, anti-toxins, and more.

  • Rebalanced items -> many old items are rebalanced to make the process of choosing loadout, weapons, and armor somewhat more intuitive and interesting.

  • Supporting Mods -> Compatibility patches, blacklist mods, and mod-author prefered settings all included with download.

  • New/Refurbished Mechanics -> The return of acidic rain, the increase in radiation, the addition of a enlarged unaligned native wildlife faction, increased robotic presence, new classes and types of NPCs, reworked health modifiers, rebalanced special spawnings, new monster emissions, new status effects, and more all come together to make a new experience on a great game!

  • Reworked mutations, diseases, and other effects. The coregame diseases are reworked, heat/cold has more effect, and minor effects may take route. Some monsters can cause special effects.


The easiest way to install this is delete any old version you may have, then to stick it into /data/mods and then delete the one called pks_rebalance, should it be present.


This mod is a work in progress, as is the game it modifies. As such, its very likely that bugs will occassionally pop up from one version to another. Please report bugs to either the github page for the mod or the CDDA forum thread for the mod. You may email them to me personally at Should you prefer.

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