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Tranco: An improved top websites ranking
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Tranco: A Research-Oriented Top Sites Ranking Hardened Against Manipulation

By Victor Le Pochat, Tom Van Goethem, Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob, Maciej Korczyński and Wouter Joosen

This repository contains the source code driving the generation of the Tranco ranking provided at This new top websites ranking was proposed in our paper Tranco: A Research-Oriented Top Sites Ranking Hardened Against Manipulation.

  • contains the core code for generating new lists based on a configuration passed to combined_lists.generate_combined_list.
  • and contain several configuration variables; shared.DEFAULT_TRANCO_CONFIG gives the configuration of the default (daily updated) Tranco list.
  • runs daily to generate the default Tranco list.
  • contains either the code for submitting jobs to an rq queue for processing, or code to relay requests for list generation to a remote host.
  • accepts request for list generation on a remote host.
  • contains code to notify users when their list has been generated.
  • preprocesses rankings to extract the different components of domains.
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