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Feature Analysis

Features Analysis RadViz Visualizer Features Analysis Shapiro Rank1D Features Analysis Covariance Rank2D Parallel Coordinates for 5 features Principal Component Plot 3D t-SNE Manifold Visualization t-SNE Manifold Visualization Discrete Target Isomap Manifold Visualization Scatter Visualization Joint Point Visualization

Regression Visualizers

Residuals for Ridge Model Prediction Error for Lasso Alpha Selection for Lasso

Classification Visualizers

GaussianNB Classification Report Logistic Regression Confusion Matrix with Numeric Labels Logistic Regression Confusion Matrix with Class Name Labels Binary ROC Curves Multiclass ROC Curves Precision-Recall Curves Multiclass Precision-Recall Curves Class Prediction Error of Classifier Discrimination Threshold Plot

Clustering Visualizers

Distortion Score Elbow for Mini Batch Means Clustering Silhoutte Plot of Mini Batch Kmeans Clustering Intercluster Distance Maps

Model Selection Visualizers

Validation Curve Hyperparameter Tuning Learning Curves for Data Sufficiency Cross Validation Scores Nearest Neighbor Decision Boundary Prototype Feature Importance using Ensemble Classifier Recursive Feature Elimination with Ensemble Classifier

Text Modeling Visualizers

Token Frequency Distribution TSNE Projection of Documents Dispersion of Words in a Corpus Parts-of-Speech in a Tagged Corpus

Target Visualizers

Balanced Binning Reference Class Balance Feature Correlation Pearson Correlation Coefficients