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Version 0.2

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@bbengfort bbengfort released this 04 Sep 17:17
· 844 commits to develop since this release

Intermediate steps towards a complete API for visualization. Preparatory stages for Scikit-Learn visual pipelines.

Deployed: Sunday, September 4, 2016
Contributors: Benjamin Bengfort, Rebecca Bilbro, Patrick O'Melveny, Ellen Lowy, Laura Lorenz


  • Continued attempts to fix the Travis-CI Scipy install failure (broken tests)
  • Utility function: get the name of the model
  • Specified a class based API and the basic interface (render, draw, fit, predict, score)
  • Added more documentation, converted to Sphinx, autodoc, docstrings for viz methods, and a quickstart
  • How to contribute documentation, repo images etc.
  • Prediction error plot for regressors (mvp)
  • Residuals plot for regressors (mvp)
  • Basic style settings a la seaborn
  • ROC/AUC plot for classifiers (mvp)
  • Best fit functions for "select best", linear, quadratic
  • Several Jupyter notebooks for examples and demonstrations