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Version 0.5

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@bbengfort bbengfort released this 09 Aug 23:29
· 541 commits to develop since this release

Deployed: Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Contributors: @bbengfort, @rebeccabilbro, @ndanielsen, @cjmorale, @JimStearns206, @pbs929, @jkeung


  • Added VisualTestCase.
  • New PCADecomposition Visualizer, which decomposes high dimensional data into two or three dimensions so that each instance can be plotted in a scatter plot.
  • New and improved ROCAUC Visualizer, which now supports multiclass classification.
  • Prototype Decision Boundary Visualizer, which is a bivariate data visualization algorithm that plots the decision boundaries of each class.
  • Added Rank1D Visualizer, which is a one dimensional ranking of features that utilizes the Shapiro-Wilks ranking that takes into account only a single feature at a time (e.g. histogram analysis).
  • Improved Prediction Error Plot with identity line, shared limits, and r squared.
  • Updated FreqDist Visualizer to make word features a hyperparameter.
  • Added normalization and scaling to Parallel Coordinates.
  • Added Learning Curve Visualizer, which displays a learning curve based on the number of samples versus the training and cross validation scores to show how a model learns and improves with experience.
  • Added data downloader module to the yellowbrick library.
  • Complete overhaul of the yellowbrick documentation; categories of methods are located in separate pages to make it easier to read and contribute to the documentation.
  • Added a new color palette inspired by ANN-generated colors

Bug Fixes:

  • Repairs to PCA, RadViz, FreqDist unit tests
  • Repair to matplotlib version check in JointPlot Visualizer