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Asynchronous wrapper for Dathost's API.
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Install git and run pip install git+

Dathost's API documentation

Useful notes:

  • The path is counted from the root node as seen in the file manager in the control panel, i.e. to write csgo/cfg/server.cfg the path would be cfg/server.cfg, if the path ends with / a directory will be created and the file parameter will be ignored.
  • There is a upload limit of 100MB on, our wrapper uses to upload files up to 500MB.
  • Pathways should always end in a '/'.
  • Sync function should be called before downloading files.
  • Our API wrapper will return false if it fails, so check for that.
  • Check Dathost's documentation for data returns, if it doesn't return any data our wrapper will just return True.
  • Make sure to read the docstrings for help.


from aiodathost.aiodathost import dathost

dathost = dathost(username = "", password = "********", route = "")

async def example():
    # Starts given server id.
    await dathost.start(server_id)

    # Resets given server id.
    await dathost.reset(server_id)

    # Spawns new dathost server.
    # e.g. server_details={"game": "csgo", etc}
    await dathost.create(server_details)

    #  Returns list of domains on dathost.
    domains = await

    # Stops given server.
    await dathost.stop(server_id)

    # Sends a line to the console.
    await dathost.send_console(server_id, console_line)

    # Deletes given server.
    await dathost.delete(server_id)

    # Deletes file from given server.
    # Pathway should always end in a /.
    await dathost.delete_file(server_id, pathway, file_name)

    # Syncs files between given server.
    await dathost.sync(server_id)

    # Uploads file to game server.
    await dathost.upload(server_id, pathway, local_pathway, file_name, upload_route = "")

    # Unzips file on game server.
    await dathost.unzip(server_id, pathway, file_name)

    # Generate a new random ftp password.
    await dathost.ftp_regenerate(server_id)

    # Returns details on a game server.
    details = await dathost.game_details(server_id)

    # Returns files on a game server.
    # Pathway should always end in a /.
    files = await dathost.files(server_id, pathway = "", hide_default_files = False, with_filesizes = False)

    # Downloads a file from the game server.
    # Use aiofiles to save it.
    downloaded_file = await, pathway, file_name)

    # Gets x amount of lines from the console from the game server.
    console = await dathost.get_console(server_id, max_lines = 1)

    # Returns account infomation.
    account_details = await dathost.account()

    # Returns full list of details about all the game servers.
    all_servers_details = await dathost.details()

    # Returns metricis saved by dathost about a game server.
    metrics = await dathost.metrics(server_id)

    # Clones a game server and returns infomation on it.
    cloning = await dathost.clone(server_id)
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