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This is a Big Commerce 2 Vue Storefront bridge based on
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First Progressive Web App (PWA) for BigCommerce

This projects bring You the BigCommerce support as a backend platform for Vue Storefront - first Progressive Web App for e-Commerce.

Vue Storefront is a standalone PWA storefront for your eCommerce, possible to connect with any eCommerce backend (eg. Magento, Pimcore, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Shopware) through the API.

See how it works!

Sign up for a demo at

BigCommerce data bridge

Vue Storefront is platform agnostic - which mean: it can be connected to virtually any eCommerce CMS. This project is a data connector for BigCommerce eCommerce Framework.

This integration is currently at Proof of Concept stage and it's not ready for production deplyoment.

Ready made features:

  • Simple products support.
  • Configurable product support,
  • Media import,
  • Configurable options,
  • Product Variants


  • Custom product options,
  • Customer account,
  • Checkout + order,
  • Shopping cart sync,
  • Add on-demand indexation based on BigCommerce web-hooks,
  • Add delta-main indexing scheme indexing records modified after ...


Check out our BigCoommerce integration demo. We've used standard Vue Storefront theme + default demo products set from BigCommerce test instance. Nothing special ;) But works pretty fast!

Installation guide


  • Node 10,
  • Yarn package manager

First, please do install Vue Storefront. Here You can find the official installation guide.

After installing the Vue Storefront please open the vue-storefront-api/config/elastic.schema.product.extension.json file and modify to this form:

   "properties": {
       "position": {"type": "integer"},
       "tax_class_id": {"type": "integer"},
       "required_options": {"type": "integer"},
       "has_options": {"type": "integer"} ,
       "Size_options": {"type": "keyword"},
       "Color_options": {"type": "keyword"}

Then, still in the vue-storefront-api folder execute:

npm run db new

This command will clear the database and make it ready for initial BigCommerce import.

Then modify the vue-storefront-api/config/local.json by adding the BigCommerce CDN to whitelist:

  "imageable": {
    "namespace": "",
    "maxListeners": 512,
    "imageSizeLimit": 1024,
    "timeouts": {
      "convert": 5000,
      "identify": 100,
      "download": 1000
    "whitelist": {
      "allowedHosts": [
      "trustedHosts": [
    "keepDownloads": true,
    "maxDownloadCacheSize": 1000,
    "tmpPathRoot": "/tmp"

The last step before using this importer is to modify the vue-storefront/config/local.json file by modifying the following options:

  "cart": {
    "synchronize": false,
    "synchronize_totals": false
  "images": {
    "useExactUrlsNoProxy": false,
    "baseUrl": "http://localhost:8080/img?action=resize&width={{width}}&height={{height}}&url={{url}}"
  "products": {
    "defaultFilters": ["Color", "Size", "price"]

Then, please go to to home directory for Your JS projects and execute the following steps:

git clone
cd bigcommerce2vuestorefront
yarn install

Please do setup the BigCommerce API credentials by editing config.js:

module.exports = Object.freeze({
  bc: {
    clientId: rocess.env.BC_API_CLIENT_ID || 'atiyjoyxaq65lfjyrriu4q10m0599yn',
    secret: rocess.env.BC_API_SECRET || 'bwfdv6glwb72nhgpqd4nnikpdr9jiiv',
    accessToken: rocess.env.BC_API_ACCESS_TOKEN || 'mjhbzys8zcwjjdf3jjzsm57bt0w55ot',
    storeHash: rocess.env.BC_API_STORE_HASH ||'txjxffgep6',
    responseType: 'json',
    apiVersion: 'v3'
  db: {
    driver: 'elasticsearch',
    url: process.env.DATABASE_URL || 'http://localhost:9200',
    indexName:  process.env.INDEX_NAME || 'vue_storefront_catalog'

You can use the ENV variables instead:

export BC_API_CLIENT_ID=atiyjoyxaq65lfjyrriu4q10m0599yn
export BC_API_SECRET=bwfdv6glwb72nhgpqd4nnikpdr9jiiv
export BC_API_ACCESS_TOKEN=mjhbzys8zcwjjdf3jjzsm57bt0w55ot
export BC_API_STORE_HASH=txjxffgep6
node cli.js products
node cli.js categories

Important note: please do test this data bridge with Vue Storefront 1.6.

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