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Vue Storefront support for Magento 1.9

This projects enables You to use Magento 1.9 as a backend platform for Vue Storefront - first Progressive Web App for e-Commerce.

Home page of Magento1 demo

Vue Storefront is a standalone PWA storefront for eCommerce. It can be conencted with any eCommerce backend (eg. Magento, Pimcore, Prestashop or Shopware) through the API.

See how it works!

Sign up for a demo at (Vue Storefront integrated with Magento2 or Magento1).

Magento 1.9 data bridge

Vue Storefront is platform agnostic - which mean: it can be connected to virtually any eCommerce CMS. This project is a data connector for Magento 1.9.

From 26th of Feb 2019 this is module is finally MIT licensed with full support for shopping carts, orders and users sync!

Areas for improvements:

  • performance (right now it's single threaded but can be easily modified to use node-cluster),
  • dynamic-requests handling (user accounts, shopping carts, orders).

Setup and installation

Magento 1.9 bridge uses it's own Magento API which is available as standard Magento module. The second part is a node.js app which is used to consume the API results.

Requirements: Magento 1.9x Community or Enterprise; Node.js >= 8; vue-storefront and vue-storefront-api installed.

Magento module setup

First, please clone the whole repository locally:

git clone magento1-vsbridge
cd magento1-vsbridge
cp magento1-module/app/* <MAGENTO_FOLDER>/app/

Magento module uses JWT tokens authorization method based on standard Magento admin users account system. Please create a dedicated admin account for magento1-bridge purposes only with minimal access (ACL) to the catalog part.

Then, please configure the JWT Secret in Magento configuration: System > Configuration > Services > VueStorefront Bridge.

Then please clean the Magento cache. To make sure that the module works just fine You can try to authorize the user using Postman:

Postman test

Magento 1 data indexer setup

Vue Storefront is using the ElasticSearch middleware for querying the catalog and static data. To inorder to have the data indexed You may chose the native Magento1 module or use node-app middleware provided.

Native/recommended option

In order to have all the products, categories and CMS pages indexed into Elastic Search please do install magento1-vsbridge-indexer module and set-up proper connection to the Elastic Search that Your vue-storefront-api is using.

Read the install instruction

Alternative option

As You've probably noticed in the cloned directory there is a second folder called node-app. This is a consumer application that's responsible for synchronizing the Magento1 data with the ElasticSearch instance.

This tool requires an ElasticSearch instance up and running. The simplest way to have one is to install vue-storefront and vue-storefront-api and run docker-compose up inside vue-storefront-api installation as the project contains Docker file for Vue Storefront.

Then you need to modify the configs:

cd node-app
cp config.example.json config.json
nano config.json

In the config file please setup the following variables:

  • auth section to setup Magento's user login and password and the previously set JWT secret
  • 'endpoint' should match your Magento 1.9 URL,
  • elasticsearch.indexName should be set to Your ElasticSearch index which then will be connected to the Vue Storefront. It can be fresh / non-existient index as well (will be created then). For example You may have: vue_storefront_magento1

Vue Storefront setup

Please note: current version of magento1-vsbridge requires the latest version of VS, from 'develop' branch installed. Please make sure youre using the most recent code.

By default Vue Storefront uses ES index named vue_storefront_catalog. Please apply the changes accordingly to:

  • vue-storefront config file local.json to point to right index name,
  • vue-storefront-api config file local.json to point to right index name.

Restart vue-storefront and vue-storefront-api.

Vue Storefront API setup

Please note: The vue-storefront-api Magento1 support is available from PR190, 26th of Feb 2019 - please make sure You're using the latest vue-storefront-api version.

After installing the vue-storefront-api You need to change the config/local.json to change the platform settings:

  "platform": "magento1",
  "magento1": {
    "url": "http://magento-demo.local",
    "imgUrl": "http://magento-demo.local/media/catalog/product",
    "api": {
      "url": "http://magento-demo.local/vsbridge",

Available commands

The bridge works on temporary, versioned ES indexes. You decide when the index should be published (when all data objects are properly set). All commands exec from node-app/src directory.

Note: We're offering a native, Magento1 data indexer that's a Magento1 module - instead of node.js app. Please check out magento1-vsbridge-indexer for details!

Create new version of index (for example: vue_storefront_magento1_1):

cd node-app/src
node index.js new

Index data:

node index.js attributes
node index.js taxrules
node index.js categories
node index.js products
node index.js cms

Please note that if you want import / update data only for cms pages / blocks / hierarchy you can use this commads:

node index.js cms --pages (import / update only cms page data)
node index.js cms --blocks (import / update only cms block data)
node index.js cms --hierarchy (import / update only cms hierarchy data)
node index.js cms (without any params import all instances at once)

Publish new version of index (creates an alias with prod. name of the index: vue_storefront_magento1_1 -> vue_storefront_magento1):

node index.js publish

Congratulations! After this step You should have got the ES index synchronized with the Magento1 instance!


Please visit Vue Storefront site to check out why it's so cool!

List of synchronized products

As you may observed, configured products do work perfectly well after imported to Vue Storefront!

Configurable product

Customization & contributions

Please feel free to extend Magento module or Node app and contribute Your changes to the community!

Some ideas for contributions:

  • authorized users checkout.


magento1-vsbridge source code is completely free and released under the MIT License.


Run the Progressive Web App (PWA) on top of Magento 1.9. This is a Vue Storefront bridge for Magento 1.x. MIT License



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