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This minor release adds several new features, fixes a number of bugs, and enhances the security and user experience of the client.


  • Mini mode allows the client to show only the important information in a small window
  • Advanced mode hides/shows certain advanced features that are not necessary for or confuses non-technical users
  • Multiple sources being queried for price data, including an average of all sources
  • Notifications for incoming transactions, rewards, successful sends, and Telegram announcements
  • Autofill recipient name from the address book on send screen
  • Add sorting options for the transaction history
  • Set how long the wallet should wait before re-locking by default.
  • Uninstall from settings


  • Fixed bug where spendable balance isn't visible from send screen
  • [OSX] Fixed bug where USD values and balances would disappear from GUI after sending a transaction
  • Fixed issue where manually commenting out a masternode wouldn't remove the masternode
  • [OSX] Fixed an issue where Divi Desktop would corrupt if OSX was randomly restarted
  • Remove "Enable staking" from settings
  • Fix "Rows per page" in settings so that it actually changes how many rows are displayed per page
  • [Win 10] Fix restore masternodes issue
  • Fix promo codes issue
  • Fix issue where Primer is affecting masternode.conf
  • Transaction cards no longer randomly open/close
  • Fixed issue where Start Masternode button becomes inactive


  • Staking on/off switch
  • Updated logos throughout the app
  • Additional checks for combine UTXOs
  • Remove auto-combine UTXOs in favor of manual setup from settings
  • Auto-update closes/reopens app
  • Random, community-generated quotes on startup
  • Dozens of UI/UX updates
  • Dozens of MOCCI improvements
  • Improved backend metrics tracking for MOCCI servers
  • Order masternodes by various parameters
  • Improved settings interface
  • Updated settings copy and improved functionality for Rescan
  • Pagination starts from the top
  • Post-sync daemon restart improvements
  • Double checkmark to indicate a spendable transaction
  • Update price more often, automatically
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