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@7h3v01c3 7h3v01c3 released this Dec 22, 2020

MANDATORY UPDATE by December 31, 2020

Release Notes - Hard Fork Update.

This mandatory upgrade includes several enhancements, bug fixes, and establishes a new testnet.

🎁 Features

Major Features

  • Staking Vaults (Along with endpoints to fund/defund vaults and require minimum vault deposits [antispam])
  • Uniform Lotteries (No Address Repetition)
  • MN remote broadcast & MN remote start

Minor Features

  • Lottery Data now viewable per block height
  • Improved Randomness for Proof-of-Stake generation
  • No more needing to restart node for MintableCoins to switch from false to true
  • Autocombine stakes can now be disabled in the configs by setting -autocombine=0
  • Stake split threshold (100k default) needs to be set in the divi.conf file
  • Other changes

🎉 Enhancements

  • Improved validation of masternode pings & masternode broadcasts
  • Lightened block index by removing redundant lottery data
  • Added tests for OP_META transactions
  • Optimize timestamp selection for proof-of-stake
  • MN blockhash based reward attribution caching for reduced memory footprint
  • Re-enabled python test frameworks for quality assurance
  • Grouping settings parameters into a settings class
  • Loads of automated Testing & Refactoring


  • Staking Vaults:
    Allow delegation of the ability to construct proofs-of-stake to an exclusive third party in a trustless way. One use case is to have two people who know each other to stake on the same node without giving up ultimate control of their funds.

  • Uniform Lotteries:
    In the hope of making lottery rewards more uniform, addresses that have previously won a lottery reward will not be eligible for the next four lotteries. They will resume being considered for a lottery reward afterwards.

  • Remote Start:
    Allows the server on which a masternode is hosted to use their own keys for managing the masternode. The user can now locally pledge the funds with a signature instead of needing to provide a private key.

  • Remote Broadcast:
    Allows delegation of the broadcast step when creating a masternode in order to allow a more streamlined deployment UX


#This is a Hard Fork update!

Nodes should both (1) remove the mncache.dat & mnpayments.dat from their data directory, and (2) start up with -reindex if running this daemon for the first time. The updates to the masternodes and block indices can trigger an error if disk files are not regenerated by the daemon; hence the indicated steps 1 & 2.

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Sep 12, 2020
WIP - vHead

@99darwin 99darwin released this Jun 16, 2020


This is a MANDATORY update. Failure to update will cause nodes to fork at block 1,051,200 (1 MILLION, FIFTY-ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED).

Release Notes

This mandatory upgrade includes several enhancements, bug fixes, and establishes a new testnet.

🚀 Features

  • New testnet

🎉 Enhancements

  • Block full unlock from unlocked for staking for security
  • Refactor codebase to extract intent into named functions
  • Extract logging and directory functionality separate files
  • Enable monthly wallet backups on a thread not just on startup
  • Remove QT & remove Zerocoin from the core (where possible)
  • Refactor script evaluation for clarity & modularity
  • Remove dead code
  • Added google test
  • Partial port & re-engineering of the BIP9 activation mechanism
  • Refactor Script Interpreter for readability
  • Refactor subsidies for clarity

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Removed a seed phrase dump occurring on failed recovery
  • Removed BTC typos where it should say DIVI
  • Guarded against potential masternode vulnerabilities
  • Fixed Testnet port issues
  • Fixed block subsidy issues
  • Redefine block subsidies to avoid block collisions & correct minting
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