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A Ruby/Gosu remake of my oldest Blitz Basic RPG Demo.
Ruby SuperCollider
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A role-playing game tech demo written in Ruby.

Key Controls

    [KEY]       [FUNCTION]
(arrow keys)    Control the player
space           Activate/trigger stuff in the world, make choices in text
esc             Quits the game
d               Show/hide debug information (grid, hotspot markers etc)
f               Show/hide frame rate


All resources were created in Oct 2001. I know I did the house tiles by myself, looking at Final Fantasy VI a lot to imitate their patterns. The walls were kind of copied from Final Fantasy V, the grass I don't know anymore. Bushes, trees ugly sand, mushy paths and all character sprites were my very own creation as far as I can remember.

The text box (at least its colors) was ripped from a QuickBASIC 4.5 RPG demo called "Untitled" by Tsugumo (= Jeff Hangartner, IIRC) and his friend FrozenEmu. These two I owe a lot: Tsugumo and FrozenEmu answered some dumb questions about scripting, file I/O, game logic and the like waaaaaay back in 1999--2000 or so, when I still fought with QuickBASIC.

Visit for more links, downloads and infos on my projects and me.


See LICENSE.txt in this repository.

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