📧 Parses the structure of multipart emails
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Email Structure Parser

Given an IMAP stream and a message number, this library will parse the structure of multipart emails.


You can easily install the Email Structure Parser package using the following Composer command.

composer require divineomega/email-structure-parser


To use this parser, you must have first connect to a mail server using PHP's built-in imap_open function. Once connected, you then need to retrieve a message number, via the imap_search function.

Once you have a message number, you can pass it, along with the IMAP stream object, into the EmailStructureParser. You can then call the getParts() method to retrieve an array of parsed email parts split up by mime type.

See the example usage code below.

use DivineOmega\EmailStructureParser\EmailStructureParser;

// Connect to mailbox
$imapStream = imap_open('{outlook.office365.com:993/ssl/novalidate-cert}INBOX', getenv('USERNAME'), getenv('PASSWORD'));

// Get a message number (in this example, just get the first)
$msgNums = imap_search($imapStream, 'ALL');
$msgNum = $msgNums[0];

// Load message into parser
$parser = new EmailStructureParser($imapStream, $msgNum);

// Get parsed multipart email parts - including plain text and/or HTML content, and any attachments
$parts = $parser->getParts();

// Output HTML email content

// Save attached PNG images
foreach($parts['IMAGE/PNG'] as $image) {
    file_put_contents($image->name, $image->content);