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MSSQL Source

The UXDM MSSQL source allows you to source data from one or more Microsoft SQL database tables.

This source is needed due to various non-standard Microsoft SQL syntax.


To create a new MSSQL source, you must provide it with a PDO object and the name of the table you wish to source data from.

The following example creates a new PDO object for a test database on the localhost with username root and password password123. It then creates a PDO source object, using the newly created PDO object and the table name users to source data from.

$pdo = new PDO('dblib:version=7.0;charset=UTF-8;host=;dbname=test', 'username', 'password123');
$mssqlSource = new MSSQLSource($pdo, 'users');

Other usages

Use of this source is mostly identical to the PDO Source.

See the PDO Source documentation for further usage instructions.

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