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The official repository for the DivineRPG Minecraft mod

Download (CurseForge):


What you can and cannot do with DivineRPG

You CAN:
  • Download DivineRPG and use it
  • Make a public Minecraft server with DivineRPG installed
  • Include DivineRPG in a modpack. Ideally you include the CurseForge download link (given above) with it.
  • Make videos with DivineRPG gameplay. Ideally you include the CurseForge download link (given above) with them.
  • Use the source code as a reference for educational purposes
  • Modify and recompile DivineRPG for PERSONAL use
  • Fork DivineRPG on Github and write a pull request
  • Include DivineRPG in your modpack, however if the modpack is released outside of CurseForge we request you post a link to the mod file
  • Claim that you made DivineRPG
  • Redistribute modified versions of DivineRPG
  • Copy ANY of DivineRPG's code and/or assets for use in a different project


See here.


Submitting a Pull Request

Want to help improve our code? Fix bugs? Add to the mod? Make artistic improvements for us?

  1. If you haven't already, create a Github account.
  2. Click the Fork icon located at the top-right of this page (below your username).
  3. Make the changes that you want to and commit them.
    • If you're making changes locally, you'll have to do git commit -a and git push in your command line.
  4. Click Pull Request at the right-hand side of the gray bar directly below your fork's name.
  5. Click Click to create a pull request for this comparison, enter your Pull Request's title, and write a detailed description telling us what you changed.
  6. Click Send pull request, and be patient, we will review your changes

Creating an Issue

Found a bug in our mod? Please let us know so we can fix it ASAP!

  1. Make sure your issue hasn't already been answered or fixed. Also think about whether your issue is a valid one before submitting it.
  2. Go to the issues page.
  3. Click New Issue right below Star and Fork.
  4. Enter your Issue's title (something that summarizes your issue), and then create a detailed description ("Could you add/change _____?" or "Found an exploit/bug: stuff").
    • If you are reporting a bug report from an outdated or unofficial version (you got the mod from someone else, a website other than our forums or wiki, or if its been modified in ANY way) , make sure you include the following:
      • Version and commit SHA (found in changelog inside of the mod's jar)
      • ForgeModLoader log
      • Server log (if applicable)
      • Crash report (if applicable)
      • Detailed description of the bug
    • Please note, if you are not using an official version, the bug may go un-fixed
  5. Click Submit new issue, and be patient so we can fix it!