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Data files and source code for the Divinum Officium project.

This document is intended for people wishing to contribute to the project. To pray the office, please visit the website.

Contributing to the project

Contributions are very welcome. To propose a change, please create a GitHub account if necessary, and then open a pull request.

For small changes -- for example, for typographical corrections -- the simplest way to do so is to navigate to the relevant file in GitHub's repository browser and use its built-in editor. Any changes made in this way will automatically be converted to a pull request.

For more substantial changes, please fork this repository using the link on the repository's page on GitHub. This will create a copy of the repository under your own account to which you may commit freely. When you are ready to submit your change, GitHub's web interface can be used to create a corresponding pull request. There are various ways to do this, and the process is described in the GitHub documentation.

Data files

The data files for the office and Mass are contained in the web/www/horas/ and web/www/missa/ directories. Within these directories there is a directory for each language. The files are UTF-8-encoded text files (Windows-1252 encoding is also supported, but is deprecated). The files are arranged into sections, with each section beginning with its name enclosed in square brackets. Please browse the files in the aforementioned directories for examples.


Build status badges:


To pull a pre-built container, pull see docker image divinumofficiumweb/divinumofficium:latest.

You can also use Docker Compose to load a copy of the container in one command:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yml up -d

This will download Divinum Officium, and run a local copy on your system, bound to localhost, port 80.

When you are done, stop the container by running:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yml down


Docker contains complete development environment necessary for running Divinum Officium website. To run this project you need to have docker and Docker Compose installed on your system. Run the following command in root directory of project:

docker-compose up

This starts the web server and you can visit the website on http://localhost:8080. It will mount the current web directory into the container so that you can change files and do live-changes without restarting the container.

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