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Brief description of procedure for contributing to the project.
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+# divinum-officium
+Data files and source code for the
+[Divinum Officium]( project.
+This document is intended for people wishing to contribute to the project. To
+pray the office, please [visit the website](
+## Contributing to the project
+Contributions are very welcome. To propose a change, please create a GitHub
+account if necessary, and then open a **pull request**.
+For small changes -- for example, for typographical corrections -- the simplest
+way to do so is to navigate to the relevant file in GitHub's repository browser
+and use its built-in editor. Any changes made in this way will automatically be
+converted to a pull request.
+For more substantial changes, please **fork** this repository using the link on
+the repository's page on GitHub. This will create a copy of the repository
+under your own account to which you may commit freely. When you are ready to
+submit your change, GitHub's web interface can be used to create a
+corresponding pull request. There are various ways to do this, and the
+process is [described in the GitHub
+### Data files
+The data files for the office and Mass are contained in the `web/www/horas/`
+and `web/www/missa/` directories. Within these directories there is a directory
+for each language. The files are UTF-8-encoded text files (Windows-1252
+encoding is also supported, but is deprecated). The files are arranged into
+sections, with each section beginning with its name enclosed in square
+brackets. Please browse the files in the aforementioned directories for

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