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Global coverage report uploader for Codecov
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Codecov Global Uploader

Upload reports to Codecov for almost every supported language.

Deployed Version

# All CI
bash <(curl -s

# Pipe to bash (Jenkins)
curl -s | bash -s - -t token
                                            ^ add your extra config here

# No bash method
curl -s > .codecov
chmod +x .codecov


Python, C#/.net, Java, Node/Javascript/Coffee, C/C++, D, Go, Groovy, Kotlin, PHP, R, Scala, Xtern, Xcode, Lua and more...


Below are most commonly used settings. View full list of commands to see the full list of commands.

# public repo on Travis CI
  - bash <(curl -s
# private repo
  - bash <(curl -s -t your-repository-upload-token
# Flag build types
  - bash <(curl -s -F unittests
# Include environment variables to store per build
  - bash <(curl -s -e TOX_ENV,CUSTOM_VAR

Prevent build failures

If Codecov fails to upload reports, you can ensure the CI build does not fail by adding a catch-all:

bash <(curl -s || echo "Codecov did not collect coverage reports"

CI Providers

Company Supported Token Required
Travis CI Yes Build Status Private only
CircleCI Yes Circle CI Private only
Codeship Yes Public & Private
Jenkins Yes Public & Private
Semaphore Yes Public & Private Yes Public & Private
AppVeyor No. See Codecov Python. Private only
Wercker Yes Public & Private
Magnum CI Yes Public & Private
Shippable Yes Public & Private
Gitlab CI Yes Public & Private
git Yes (as a fallback) Public & Private
Buildbot coming soon buildbot/buildbot#1671
Bamboo coming soon
Solano Labs coming soon
Bitrise coming soon

Using Travis CI? Uploader is compatible with sudo: false which can speed up your builds. 👍


  1. Jenkins: Unable to find reports? Try PWD=WORKSPACE bash <(curl -s
  • Please let us know if this works for you. More at #112
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