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What is CaMykS?

CaMykS is a CMS ("Content Management System"). More precisely, it's a tool used to build then manage and update a website. This is done online through a compatible web browser.

CaMykS is made to be the more flexible and ergonomic as possible into the two main steps of the lifetime of a website - building and managing.

CaMykS features

CaMykS have several features that makes it powerful. It is multi-site, multilingual, collaborative and plugin-based to allow easy customisation. Management interface ergonomics has been a key-point during development. CaMykS is using the latest technologies such as Wysiwyg edition, RSS feeds, AJAX and many more.

Read more, in french


CaMykS is working on LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) or MAMP (Mac OS X/Apache/MySQL/PHP) systems.

We advise to suit the following versions:

  • Apache 2.0+, with Rewrite module (Header module advised)
  • PHP 5+ (version 5.6 or 7 advised), with curl, gd, mbstring, xml modules
  • MySQL 5.5+

SQLite3 and PostgreSQL drivers are currently available in beta. They are working but incomplete, and may have some issues we haven't found yet. Feel free to share your experience, and help us to finalise them.

Getting started with CaMykS

Duplicate and rename the skeleton_site folder located in engine folder to the root base of your web server.

For a single-site installation, move CaMykS folder into the website folder.

Edit configuration file located in the etc folder.

Open index.php or admin.php from your web browser to finalise your website installation.

Running CaMykS in docker

Building the docker container

docker build -t camyks:latest .

Running the container

docker run -h camyks --name camyks -p 8081:80 -it camyks:latest

And if you want to login to the container to look around

docker exec -it camyks /bin/bash



CaMykS is available under GNU GPL licence.


CaMykS is now maintained and hosted by Ideogram Design

You can contact us using :


Thanks to Fanny, Frank and Ludo for their help and support.