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CaMykS 2

What is CaMykS?

CaMykS is a CMS ("Content Management System"). More precisely, it's a tool used to build then manage and update a website. This is done online through a compatible web browser.

CaMykS is made to be the more flexible and ergonomic as possible into the two main steps of the lifetime of a website - building and managing.

After nearly 15 years using and evolving CaMykS in its first version, we decided to start working on a new version. CaMykS 2 is written from scratch, based on the same features that make CaMykS a success, but removing all the limitations and constraints it may have.

CaMykS is currently in a building phase, and is far way from capable to do something concrete.

CaMykS features

CaMykS have several features that makes it powerful. It is multi-site, multilingual, performant, collaborative, flexible and plugin-based to allow easy customisation.

Read more, in french


CaMykS will work on LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) and MAMP (Mac OS X/Apache/MySQL/PHP) systems. It may work on WAMP systems, but will not be tested.

We advise to suit the following versions:

  • Apache 2.0+, with Rewrite module (Header module advised)
  • PHP 5.3.26+ (version 5.6 or 7 advised), with curl, gd, mbstring, xml modules
  • MySQL 5.0+

Getting started with CaMykS

Currently, CaMykS 2 is not able to make your website running. Please be patient or turn yourself to CaMykS version 1.



CaMykS is available under GNU GPL licence.


CaMykSs is maintained and hosted by Ideogram Design

You can contact us using :


Thanks to Fanny, Abigaïl, Frank and Ludo for their help and support.

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