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Django Admin Row Actions

Allows you to easily define a drop-down 'actions' menu that is appended as the final column in your model's changelist and perform actions on that row.

Menu items can call urls or methods, can be disabled, have tooltips, etc.

I've extracted this from code written for The admin there has Bootstrap available but I've modified this version to use a standalone jQuery dropdown.


  1. Install from PyPI:

    pip install django-admin-row-actions

    or install using pip and git:

    pip install git+

  3. Add the mixin to your ModelAdmin:

    from django_admin_row_actions import AdminRowActionsMixin
    class ExampleAdmin(AdminRowActionsMixin, admin.ModelAdmin):
  4. Define a get_row_actions method on your ModelAdmin

    def get_row_actions(self, obj):
        row_actions = [
                'label': 'Edit',
                'url': obj.get_edit_url(),
                'enabled': obj.status is not 'cancelled',
            }, {
                'label': 'Download PDF',
                'url': obj.get_pdf_url(),
            }, {
                'label': 'Convert',
                'url': reverse('convert_stuff', args=[]),
                'tooltip': 'Convert stuff',
            }, {
                'divided': True,
                'label': 'Cancel',
                'action': 'mark_cancelled',
        row_actions += super(ExampleAdmin, self).get_row_actions(obj)
        return row_actions

The first three menu items are simple links to a url you provide by whatever means you choose.

The final one defines 'action' instead of 'url'. This should be the name of a callable on your ModelAdmin or Model class (similar to ModelAdmin.list_display).

You can add mouseover tooltips to each individual actions with the 'tooltip' dictionary key, and enable/disable individual actions for each individual object with the 'enabled'.

Special option 'divided' can be passed to any item to display horizontal rule above it.


Inspired (and code based on): django-object-actions

Includes parts of jquery-dropdown; credits go to Cory LaViska.