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12 TDDs of Christmas


This is 12 days of code katas for TDD (test driven development). John Cleary started this and I wanted to be part of this.

Every day John published one kata (task), we should solve in TDD style.

Original blog post is here:

He wrote this: For quite a while now I’ve wanted to get stuck into TDD but never really knew where to start. Do I roll up for work one morning and announce I’m doing TDD from here on in? Hardly! Maybe I should go along to one of those Code Kata? Good idea but the nearest one to me is miles away plus I missed the frist few already.

Then I came across this amazing tool from Jon Jagger called Cyber Dojo. This was exactly what I was looking for. An on-line tool which allows you to do coding katas without any setup . And because its on-line you can do it at work, at home or wherever. Awesome.

So here is the challenge. Starting Wednesday 26th Dec and for the following 12 days I’m going to do just one kata per day. I’m calling it the 12 TDDs of Christmas and it would be pretty cool if a few other people out there took up the challenge with me – fancy it?


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