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Dlackware Gnome build system and installer

Build Status License

This is the build system used to build systemd and Dlackware Gnome distribution for Slackware Linux.

This repository doesn't contain any packages, please refer to another repositories in the Dlackware organization if you are looking for packages.

Build and install Dlackware build system

  1. Install Haskell stack:
wget -qO- | sh
  1. Clone this repository:
git clone
  1. Then switch to the cloned directory:
cd dlackware
  1. Build the build system:
stack build

It will take some time to download the dependencies on first run.

  1. After that you can run the build system with:
stack exec dlackware -- …

Just replace with the arguments that should be passed to the build system. You can get a list of supported commands and command line arguments with:

stack exec dlackware -- --help


The configuration is described by a YAML file, that should be in ./etc/dlackware.yaml.

Sample configuratin can be found in ./etc/ Just copy this file to ./etc/dlackware.yaml and change as appropriate.

The configuration is very simple and all options can be found in the sample configuration file mentioned above.

  • reposRoot specifies the root directory used to find the packages to be built.
  • loggingDirectory is the directory there the build system writes its log files, one file per built package.
  • temporaryDirectory is the directory used to build the actual software. This directory should have enough free space to be able to build large projects, like Gnome.
  • repos is a list of directories (relative to reposRoot) that contain compile-order files, text files with a list of packages in the order these should be built. Dlackware doesn't look into the directory structure to find the packages; only the packages mentioned in compile-orders are built.

Running the tests

stack test --pedantic

stack build hlint
stack exec hlint -- src test


builder/installer for Projects using a compile-order



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