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builder/installer for Projects using a compile-order

gnome3 + pam + systemd on top of Slackware

Hi All,

Over the past few months we have created and tested gnome3 + pam + systemd on top of Slackware The SlackBuilds and order in which to install / build can be located on github.

  • NOTE (the stage we are in is called pre-alpha for Slackware 14.2, the packages have been build on Slackware64-current (1 februari 2015) (github) (packages)

There are 3 projects on this page

  • dlackware (build and install)
  • systemd (pam + systemd + rebuilds of stock slackware packages needed for gnome3)
  • gnome-systemd (gnome3 which requires systemd to be installed)

How can you use/build/install these packages ?

you should download all 3 git repos the file dlackware/etc/dlackware.conf.dist holds the configuration for the compile-order files.

If you directly want to install and test the desktop, you can issue: "./dlackware install" from the dlackware/bin directory You can also build everything from source, in this case you can issue: "./dlackware build" from the dlackware/bin directory

there are 2 files that are recommended to be run, but not required. the 1st file can be found in systemd/minimal/ (these settings are mainly for use when you build from source) the 2nd file can be found in gnome-systemd/gnome/ (these enable / disable services)

Issues/bugs that you find can be reported either on the github page or here on the Forum