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to run, in root directory type gulp

------------------ Sekai no Shigo Dakimakura ----------------- Index Index Game Design Summary Gameplay Mindset Technical Screens Controls Mechanics Level Design Themes Ambience Objects Ambient Interactive Challenges Game Flow Development Abstract Classes Derived Classes Graphics Style Attributes Graphics Needed Sounds/Music Style Attributes Sounds Needed Music Needed Schedule

  -----Game Design----

Summary You wake up in a unfamiliar place, surrounded by strangers. Your last memory is going to sleep in your parents basement after a night of marathoning DragonBall. You see your parents in the corner huddled together by a fireplace and question them. You are told there was a nuclear war and was carried here (The Subway Tunnels) by your father, you have been asleep for 3 days. You frantically look around and realize that they have left your beloved Dakimakura (Anime girl body pillow) behind. As a true otaku, your only option is to leave the sanctuary of the tunnels and rescue your waifu (girlfriend). Your parents look at your strangely and wish you the best of luck and say their goodbyes. You are armed with your DragonBallZ shirt and boxers as you set out into the unknown.


The goal of the game is to survive and return to the Subway Tunnels with your body pillow.

Mindset The player is an average sized male who has watched too many episodes of Naruto and thinks he knows ninjutsu. However his absolute belief in his abilities gives him no special powers at all.


Screens Title Screen a. Title of the game, Start Game, Click Me!(Credits). b. Battle screens c. World map view Game Inventory 6 slot maximum Player Equipment Player Skills
Assessment / Next Level V2 Would like player to continue playing to gather better equips, body pillows and have monster levels scale to players level. Controls Controls will be text driven choices. Battles will be dealt with in a minigame fashion randomly. v1 Rock, Paper, Scissors v2 Mouse 1 Click battle (number of times player can click mouse 1 vs PC generated number) v3 Stepmania battle Mechanics Would like gameplay to be similar to Kingdom Of Loathing.

---------Level Design--------------

Themes Populated Underground Subway Tunnels Mood Firelit, Cold, Ridden with starvation and radiation fallout. Objects Ambient Semi Mutated Rats Garbage People Interactive V2 Armor Vendor V2 Weapon Vendor V2 Parents v2 Jewelry vendor v2 Nike shoes vendor Unexplored Subway Tunnels Mood Dark as shit, SCARY AS SHIT, Mutated animals. Objects Ambient Intelligent Roaches who can speak. Radiation fallout Broken Subway cars
Interactive Mutated Giant rats Mutated Humanbeings

--------------Game Flow------------

  1. Player starts in populated subway tunnels
  2. Option to go aboveground or travel through subway tunnels (Both take you to the same end location just different encounters and monsters).
  3. Player reaches house which has been taken over by 10 mutated human men who have all married his body pillow.
  4. Player unlocks Kaio-Ken x1 ability and battles them.
  5. Player starts adventure back to subway choosing above ground or through subway tunnels however his body pillow is attracting enemies.
  6. Player reaches the Populated subway tunnels to complete game (v1)
  7. V2 Player has option to continue game to gather equipment and farm money.

---------Development----------- Abstract Classes / Components BasePlayer
BaseEnemy Mutated Rats WITH HANDS Mutated Humans BaseObject BaseObstacle Mutants standing in his way. BaseInteractable Abilities Self Buffs Kaio-kenx1 Nerd Rage ability ITEMS Weapons Melee Weapon Consumables Energy Drink (Health Potion) V2 NPCs Vendors Armor vendor Weapon vendor Parents