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PyPI package Documentation Status Watch selenium tests recorded videos. Join the chat at

Screenshot of the sample project:

More screenshots with descriptions are available at:

Documentation (in development):

  • Supports Django 3.2 LTS, 4.1, 4.2 LTS; Python 3.9 / 3.10 / 3.11.

Please contribute to the localization of the project:


  • Chinese: goldmonkey
  • Dutch: Melvyn Sopacua
  • Polish: pawelkoston
  • Spanish: Julio Cesar Cabrera Cabrera, kiwnix

Key features

  • AJAX based django.admin-like paginated datatables (grids) with sorting / filters and custom actions.

  • Integrates Jinja2 into existing Django templates (DTL).

  • Bootstrap 3 / Bootstrap 4 / Bootstrap 5 / Jinja2 / Knockout.js for Django projects.

  • No deep knowledge of Knockout.js is required: it has ready working components.

  • Dynamic adding / removing of inline formsets with Knockout.js, protected from XSS.

  • Default template renderers for Django forms / related forms / inline formsets with the possibility to override these to customize the visual layout.

  • ForeignKeyGridWidget provides ForeignKeyRawIdWidget-like functionality to select ModelForm foreign key field value via AJAX query / response.

  • Django raw queries with filter() / exclude() / order() / values() / values_list() and SQL slicing support via FilteredRawQuerySet, suitable for usage in ListView / ListSortingView / KoGridView derived classes.

  • ListQuerySet to query Python lists, including prefetch_related() results.

  • Jinja2 templates can be integrated into existing Django templates via custom template library tag:

    {% extends 'base_min.html' %}
    {% load jinja %}
    {% load static %}
    {% block main %}
    {% jinja 'bs_list.htm' with _render_=1 view=view object_list=object_list is_paginated=is_paginated page_obj=page_obj %}
    {% endblock main %}


Knockout.js uses unobtrusive data-bind HTML attributes with JSON-like values with causes no conflict to server-side double braces template syntax of DTL / Jinja2: no need to escape templates.

Combining client-side Knockout.js templates and server-side Jinja2 templates allows to write more powerful and compact template code.

Jinja2 is faster and is more powerful than built-in DTL templates. Jinja2 templates may be called from DTL templates by using custom template tag library {% load jinja %}.


It's not a pure SPA framework, but a mixed approach of server-side pages with embedded AJAX content and client-side scripts. Although it may be used for SPA as well. Classical Web applications aren't "outdated" in any way - because such applications are much better indexable by web crawlers, Python is better language than Javascript in general, also server-side rendering generally is more robust.

Version 2.2.0

FormFieldsRenderer / fields_template allows fine-grained customization of ModelForm fields layout.

ListQuerySet now has basic support of .delete() method and most common aggregate functions: Count, Min, Max, Sum.

Load jQuery.form / Moment.js / Bootstrap Datetimepicker as es6 modules, which may be included into django_deno generated bundle.

QueryString wrapper for UrlSearchParams.

Additional KoGridView client-side layout options:

Nested components are supported in Grid cells, including the cells of Compound columns.

Tpl.domTemplate optional template kwargs support.

djk_bootstrap5 now uses native Bootstrap Icons font for iconui actions.

Various bugfixes.

Version 2.1.0

Built-in custom elements, including es5 IE11 polyfills.

Bootstrap 5 compatibility.

ObjDict Django model serializer with built-in field permissions check for AJAX viewmodels, including datatables.

get_absolute_url with optional user permission check / link title generation.

Version 2.0.0

Built-in es6 modules support for modern browsers.

Optional SystemJS loader support for IE11 via django_deno.

Optional minified terser bundles support both for es6 modules and for SystemJS loader via django_deno.

datatables support separate cell click actions, not just row actions.

More throughout support for datatables annotated fields / virtual fields via grid_fields dicts.

Optional lazy registration of client-side components.

Numerous fixes, including improved related grid view kwargs auto-detection, see pageRouteKwargsKeys and pageRouteKwargsKeys example.

ListRangeFilter for ListSortingView range fields.


The full documentation is at

Quick notes

Cookiecutter Tools Used in Making This Package

  • cookiecutter
  • cookiecutter-djangopackage