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  1. Before start you should edit config.js
xmpp: {
      jid: 'set your jid',
      host: 'set your jabber host',
      password: "set jabber password",
      reconnect: true
"slackWebhook": {
       host: '',
       path: "set your hook path", you well need to create Incoming Webhook for Slack
       method: 'POST'

defaultChannel: "set your slack channel" - default channel for incoming messages

defualtUserName: "set your slack user name" - default user for sending messages. You will need dedicated account for this

you can specify filters to send messages with specific text to a specific Slack channel

"slackPayloads": [
            channel: 'set your channel',
            username: 'set your user name',
            icon_url: '',
            filter: 'custom filter field'
  1. Application applies some formatting for messages. It appends "NEW:" tag to new tasks; "UPD:" tag to modified tasks; "UPD+COMMENT:" tag to modified tasks with comment, "COMMENT:" tag to tasks with only comments. It also show updated fields and values like "Manager -> Olga".

  2. To start the app run following command: node server.js &