Fluent implementation of ASP.NET-MVC HTML helpers for Twitter Bootstrap.
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Fluent implementation of ASP.NET-MVC HTML helpers for Twitter Bootstrap.

This project aims to help .NET MVC developers to write twitter bootstrap related code faster. If you'd like a jump start, watch this 6 minutes video explaining what TwitterBootstrapMVC does.

!IMPORTANT: This version does not have all the latest features including support for Twitter Bootstrap 3. I've continued working on this project in a commercial version, the documentation for which you can see at TwitterBootstrapMVC.com. However, I'm leaving the code for it here for the benefit of the community.


Visit TwitterBootstrapMVC.com to see all the relevant information about this library.

NuGet package package ID: TwitterBootstrapMVC

Known Issue: You might get the following error when installing TwitterBootstrapMVC using NuGet:

error: could not install package 'portable.licensing 1.1.0' you are trying to install this package
into a project that targets '.netframework, version=v4.0', but the package does not contain any assembly
references that are compatible with that framework

In order to fix it, make sure you have latest NuGet since PCL support was added in NuGet 2.5 or 2.5.*

Submitting Issues:

  • Include your current code that is relevant to your situation. That probably will be code from controller, model and a view.
  • Be sure to include html that you are looking for.
  • Provide link to Bootstrap docs if you think that BMVC does not have support for some of Bootstrap's functionality
  • Be sure to describe clearly what does not work and what do you expect to get.