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Google Hangout Renice: Sets "idle" priority and 0 CPU affinity mask
for Google Hangout plugin to lower the system load
(C) dkLab,
This simple program for Windows watches for Googhe Hangout plugin appearance
and sets low priority and single-CPU affinity mask to it. This makes the
system much more responsible on slow computers with no side effects.
If your computer becomes slow when you use Google Hangout, just put
GoogleHangoutRenice.exe to your Startup folder. It will remain in background
to make Google Hangout less greedy.
And - of course! - run Google Hangout in Chrome or (surprise!) Internet
Explorer 9+, not in Firefox, because Firefox is damned slow working
with Google Hangout.
The program GoogleHangoutRenice.exe has no window and no tray icon, it
just runs in the background and makes you less angry. If you want to stop
it, simply kill its process in Windows Task Manager (could be opened by
pressing the standard Windows Ctrl+Alt+Esc hotkey).
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