Visual noncontradictory memory distribution tool for OpenVZ
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vzmem: visual noncontradictory memory distribution tool for OpenVZ
(C) dkLab,

Vzmem is a pseudo-graphical tool which allows you to distribute physical 
memory among all VEs consistently. It shows all physical memory blocks 
graphically in /etc/vz/conf/MEM-MAP  text file and lets you to move these 
blocks from one VE to another to redistribute the memory. Also you may 
specify "additional" memory personally for each VE: such memory will be 
obtained from system's free memory or swap (it is reflected as modifying 
of privvmpages parameter).


cd /usr/sbin
chmod +x vzmem


1. Initialize a new /etc/vz/conf/MEM-MAP file based on your
   existed OpenVZ configs:

   vzmem -i 300

   Note that "vzmem -i" tries to create a non-conflicting memory map, so if
   your containers take more memory than you have, they will be shrinked 
   proportionally in the resulting memory map.

2. Edit this file with any text editor to re-distribute the memory
   available to containers:

   10003      ========== 109552K
   10004      ============================== 335503K
   20004      ==========+++++++++++++++ 109552K + 221324K swap
   FREE                        ====================== 513525K

   You see, all the RAM is divided into 300 blocks, each block is displayed
   as "=" character. You may move these "=" characters among virtual machines
   to redistribute the memory (but you MUST keep the total number of "="s
   equal to 300). You may also add "+" characters to specify that this block
   may be used not as a RAM-only block, but as SWAP (or took from another 
   container's free memory) too.

   The "=" characher impacts on VMGUARPAGES parameter, so the total number
   of "="s must be equal to amount of physical memory ("300" in above sample).

   The "+" character impacts on PRIVVMPAGES and OOMGUARPAGES. If you add "="s
   to "+"es for a particular container, you will receive PRIVVMPAGES. To make
   a non-conflicting memory allocation, it's typically safe to keep the total
   number of "+"es in sync with amount of swap memory.

3. To apply changes you made in /etc/vz/conf/MEM-MAP, run:

   vzmem -a

   After you run this, vzmem will also recalculate memory kilobytes displayed
   at the right side of each bar.