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* Custom parametrized procedure.
* Used for internal purposes only!
class Mapper_Procedure_ListCustom extends Mapper_Procedure_List
private $_inParams;
private $_outParams;
private $_name;
private $_slot;
public function __construct(
Mapper_Context $context,
array $inParams,
$this->_name = $name;
$this->_inParams = $inParams;
$this->_outParams = $outParams;
$this->_slot = $slot;
parent::__construct($context, $name);
public function getInParams()
return $this->_inParams;
public function getOutParams()
return $this->_outParams;
public function getName()
return $this->_name;
public function createSlot()
return is_object($this->_slot)? clone $this->_slot : $this->_slot;
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