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vzfirewall: extremely simple tool which configures opened ports
and hosts for incoming connections in OpenVZ environment
-(C) dkLab,
+(C) dkLab,
+Vzfirewall tool allows you to open/close ports for incoming connections
+with no dependencies to foreign IP addresses. E.g. you may allow a hostname to connect to port 5432 of VE 1234 and leave all
+other ports closed by modifying 1234.conf file adding multiline FIREWALL
+directive into it - see SYNOPSIS below.
+You must then run vzfirewall -a on your hardware node to apply changes
+made in *.conf.
+Note that it is recommended to use hostnames instead of IP addresses here,
+so the configuration is persistent for VE movements to different IP-address:
+you just need to run vzfirewall -a again after movement. It is also
+reboot-safe, because applied to /etc/sysconfig/iptables (at RHEL systems).
+cd /usr/sbin
+chmod +x vzfirewall
1. Modify the file /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/4.conf:

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