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Dnawrkshp Version 4.30
Fixed 6 pointer write bug (thanks RealMaster)
Fixed incorrect progress bar on initial search
Fixed Load/Close plugins bug
Added match case checkbox to Text scanning (MCase)
Added CCAPI support (now using PS3Lib)
Added scan timer for efficiency testing
Moved pause/play game to buttons on form (TMAPI only)
Removed/lost ability to shutdown using TMAPI, you can reset to XMB
Allowed multiple files to be updated in one update
Latest commit cad75d5 Dec 8, 2013


NetCheat PS3 4.30
Written by Dnawrkshp

	Written in Visual Studio 2012 (C#)

	If you want to use the ps3tmapi_net.dll, just install the ProDG TM v420.1.14.7
	If you want to use the CCAPI.dll, place it in the same directory (comes with NC)
	In the options form check what API you'd like to use once setup
	Double click a code to toggle constant write
	Ctrl-C on result(s) will copy them into the clipboard in code format
	Search results do not automatically refresh

CompDump Support:
	CompDump is a binary comparer that spits out results to a text file
	With NetCheat, you may make two dumps of the two different states you want and then open them in CompDump and compare
	Then open the conversion plugin and direct the input to the outputted text file
	Click start and then go to the search tab
	Click on the search results list view and press Ctrl-R and the results will be displayed
	This works very well with search results that have a massive amount of results (takes extra long because of list view updating)

If you want to make a plugin I suggest watching my tutorial on how: