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Awesome things related to DNN (DotNetNuke)
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Awesome DNN (DotNetNuke) Awesome

A curated list of awesome things related to DNN

Official Resources

Community Site


Development Tools

  • Generator-Upendodnn A yeoman generator that scaffolds DNN extensions, including Modules (Webforms, SPA, and MVC), Persona Bar, Skin Object, Library, Scheduler, and Hotcakes Commerce projects
  • DnnFree React a starter DNN SPA Module create using latest React & Webpack
  • DnnFree Angular a starter DNN SPA Module create using Angular 5 (with Angular-CLI)
  • DNNTemplates DNN Module and Theme Development Template for DNN 7/8/9
  • TopMenu Sample Razor Templates for DDRMenu
  • DNN8Templates Module and Theme Development templates for DNN 8
  • DnnPackager Module Development
  • nvQuickSite is a desktop installation app for DNN
  • nvQuickTheme is a DNN theme framework / development workflow
  • nvQuickComponents is a collection of Web Components for DNN extension development (and beyond)
  • DnnC.DBAnalyzer a tool that will give you a visualization of your Dnn database
  • DnnUserAccess-Mobile Mobile app that pairs with the DNN User Access personabar extension. This app is made in React Native.
  • R7.Dnn.Extensions A library to simplify extensions development for DNN Platform
  • R7.Dnn.Extensions.React Library for DNN Platform web CMS extensions development with ReactJS.NET
  • R7.Dnn.Extensions.EFCore A library for DNN Platform web CMS extensions development with Entity Framework Core
  • R7.Dnn.Templates DNN Platform project templates and helper addin for MonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio
  • R7.Webmaster Webmaster's desktop productivity tools

Open Source Modules


  • CKEditor An WYSIWYG HTML Editor Provider for DNN® 9.3.2 or above

Skin Object

Free Skins/Theme

Sample Code/Project



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