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This is place to collect issues/suggestions/to-do items for DoES Liverpool.

👉 List existing issues

Note: If the project you're reporting the issue under has got source code, for example, the Doorbots then raise the issue there instead.

For a priority-orientated view of the existing issues, try HuBoard. Also check out the legacy "Somebody Should" list on the wiki to see how we got started.

👉 Create new issue

Anyone can create new issues. Similarly, anyone is allowed to do the work to fix them - just dive in and DoES (:

If you're unsure, check out our Contributor guidelines & bestiary of issue labels

For some more background on good practice when using issues, read this - it's about Github's culture and process, rather than ours, but until someone gets round to writing ours...

👉 wiki instructions

For how to use things that aren't broken.


A place to document practices on the wiki and collect issues/suggestions/to-do items for the physical space at DoES Liverpool




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