Get cheap older copy of Corel for large cutter PC ? #100

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Obviously we don't want to spend £100s on latest Corel draw suite, but we can get a cheaper version? (really cut down version -- will it have the DXF capabilities we need?)

Otherwise the Home/Student suite might be in our budget (~£50) or there are various baffling options via Ebay.

(And have we asked our Autodesk friends about their graphics software? as that comes up as a related item on Amazon search...)

amcewen commented Feb 24, 2015

@DefProc says the ideal version is X4 (although that's well out of date - so matches the age of the laser-cutter software :-)

If we can find a download of X4, we could try transferring the licence from the Vinyl Cutter laptop

DefProc commented May 19, 2015

I just tried to get a copy for £40 on ebay, but the seller's paypal account can't accept payments atm. I'll see what we get back from my question.

amcewen commented Jan 3, 2017

I see in issue #356 that @ajlennon has found the installer files for X4, so I reckon we should transfer the licence for X4 from the vinyl-cutter laptop across to Gerald, and maybe not bother with Corel on the vinyl-cutter PC, as that doesn't have the same "get it into DXF" issue that the laser-cutters do.

ajlennon commented Jan 4, 2017

X4 should be working on Gerald-PC ?

amcewen commented Jan 28, 2017

Seems to be working fine, thanks @ajlennon. I made a note of the licence key for X3 that's on the old vinyl cutter laptop too, see

@amcewen amcewen closed this Jan 28, 2017
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