Decommission the wiki pages #234

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Even harder than adding new systems ( #228 ) is getting rid of old ones.

The remaining purpose of the pages is to hold some meeting minutes and secret organizers only information.

As the meeting agendas and minutes I was suggesting trying to do then as a somebody-should issue that gets closed after the meeting is complete.

The organizers-only information could be rewritten so most of it can be published on the general wiki (eg opening up and shutting down), but keep a special page of passwords and other administrative details minimized and somewhere else. Places could be a google-doc, a document on a server, on paper in Sean's drawer, or a member's only page on the main doesliverpool blog.

Add to the new public organizers pages the documentation of how to run the accounting system and keep its software going in the hope that another hack space could potentially deploy the same financial infrastructure with its emailed invoices in the future.


Declaring this done while the old wiki (now empty) still is live, because it will sort itself out once that old website breaks.

However, could do better and replace it with a redirect

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