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Sophie isn't cutting well, we've had a few recent reports of people trying to cut through thin wood or cardboard and it either won't cut through or thoroughly chars.

I was hoping to cut something myself from 3mm ply so if I get chance to do that I'll report back how it goes.


I cut something on 7/50/45 with 3mm ply, it managed to cut maybe 50% of the cuts, not a great experience but then just about usable, quite charred though.

I forgot to report earlier I took out and cleaned the mirror and lens from the head (to no avail).


Kirsty cut today with no issues at all. Did this get fixed by someone?


I did some work on Sophia on the evening of the report, and she was as happy as I have ever seen her, no issues at all. Job wasn't too intense though, could it have been overheating?

3mm ply 12/50 cut was perfect (perimeter 200*250ish rectangle)
250/13 kiss cut was the sharpest only-just-etched line i've seen her do, and was very consistent across a moderaly long job, though duty cycle was low with many short lines and moves between.

amcewen commented Jan 10, 2017

Given that no-one has complained about this of late, despite plenty of use in the run up to Christmas, I'm assuming we can close it?

@amcewen amcewen closed this Jan 10, 2017
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