Commission the hot-air gun #412

amcewen opened this Issue Dec 21, 2016 · 6 comments


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amcewen commented Dec 21, 2016

Paul G has given us a hot air gun for Christmas! Yay!

It's in its box on top of the reflow oven on the electronics workbench. It needs...

  • Unpacking and setting up
  • Naming(?)
  • Adding to the wiki
amcewen commented Dec 21, 2016

On the naming front, I'm wondering about Farage or Trump, as it'll generate lots of hot air...

DefProc commented Dec 21, 2016
huffeec commented Dec 21, 2016

Is 'Montgolfier the hot air gun' too much of a mouthful?

drfraz commented Dec 21, 2016

I herby name the Hot Air Workstation "Monty".
Where possible the quotes should be included as part of the name.
(Air quotes optional in spoken communication.)

If anyone asks which Montgolfier brother it is named for, the answer is Joseph-Michel.

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