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Has anybody else been seeing issues with wifi performance?

For the past 3-4+ weeks it seems I've had really bad throughput on wifi, even accounting for sitting in the little room off to the side of the main office. When I plugged in a wired cable performance leaped markedly so I'm wondering if there might be something up with the AP/router/channel selection?

Could be just me though of course :)


I'll give it a go. Thanks @johnmckerrell

amcewen commented Dec 31, 2016

I've spotted it being a bit slow of late, but not dug into it at all. Just now, however, it seems pretty decent. Just tried a Speedtest and I'm getting 48Mbps down, 13Mbps up and 31ms ping time -


fwiw doing some testing here with @amcewen and here are the values I get which seem pretty good

wifi - down 8.92 Mbps, up 8.13Mbps
wired - down 48.58 Mbps, up 62.94 Mbps

stevesparrow commented Dec 31, 2016 edited

I gave up on the wife (edit: wifi too) in Room 29 shortly after moving in. It seemed patchy for anything more than browsing. My speed tests looked very similar for wired and wireless, but the wireless seemed to struggle with voip quite often.


ajlennon commented Jan 5, 2017

Good point @stevesparrow - I find the Skype over wifi is unusable

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