Notepad for noting down really long jobs on ultimakers #419

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I just pulled the plug on a 37hrs-to-go job on the Ultimaker2 because it had run out of filament and wasn't doing anyone any good.

I don't know who to tell or whether they want someone to try and restart it in an different colour.


Good idea, but don't worry about this particular print. Joe was trying to print a base for a clock - I noticed there wasn't enough filament but there wasn't time to wind another reel. Left print running as he might add a laser cut part ...

amcewen commented Jan 13, 2017

Maybe @ajlennon could add a "print failed" button for each Ultimaker to his Raspberry Pi that tweets prints starting and finishing project?

DefProc commented Jan 13, 2017

Is the idea of the notepad to say who's job is running, or to communicate with the owner of a failed print when they return?

Would a whiteboard do either of those jobs?


Yes a whiteboard with the line "Call ____ when this is done/broken". and "Put ____ print on next"

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