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It would be good to replace the tea bag and coffee composter tub in the kitchen with one that's a little more.... pleasant looking.

It's been doing a good job for a while, and Julian does a great job composting the results. It would just be good for it to look a little better.

Any suggestions for a replacement.

  1. Two sealable containers, which can be swapped.

  2. A teabag bin which can be emptied into something else.

DefProc commented Jan 23, 2017

Sounds like a good idea.

One of the advantages of the current tub is that it gets taken away to be emptied. If we had a container, that might mean having to also carry compostable bags for inserts, so the current disposal route will still run (ie. @goatchurchprime can still take it home in the bags for composting).

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