Get an HDMI solution for projecting #433

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amcewen commented Jan 26, 2017

Both our projectors are VGA rather than HDMI. More laptops only have HDMI outputs. There is an HDMI<->VGA cable knocking around, but it doesn't appear to work (didn't on either my or @goatchurchprime's laptops)

We should either get an adapter or maybe even a new projector that's HDMI?


I've had trouble with HDMI->VGA cables with digital to analog (I think)

If that proves to be an issue another option might be a USB VGA adapter perhaps



Happy to look for a new projector if someone gives me a) an idea of spec, and b) a rough budget.

Never having dealt with projectors before, I'd be a bit lost without a little guidance.


Historical scavenged from old doeswiki here: Delete that page when done with it and in-line info about the projector (brand, capabilities, etc) either in the Rooms#Dinky page or from the Equipment page.

DefProc commented Jan 26, 2017

The adaptor cable posted by @DefProc has been ordered. It should be here by the end of the week.

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