Put the coffee machine on an S20 esp plug #444

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Developing code here:



  1. Press button for coffee machine on
  2. Goes off in evening && after more than 4 hours of on-ness (so you can put coffee on in the evening without it switching off immediately
  3. Does not come on in the morning before someone's made the coffee (like it does now)
  4. Records when last coffee was put on -- and puts it into doorbot
  5. Has mode for pre-made coffee that turns on after 6am when first use of doorbot is detected
  6. Allows info to be seen from webpage, incl turning on and off

To do this, we need doorbot to be documented with some API endpoints and fixed IPaddress (issue 265) to state when coffee is done and disclose when person has arrived -- either by polling every 30seconds in the morning or doorbot calling the S20

@jackie1050 jackie1050 added the ESP Tech label Feb 11, 2017

Current code on the S20 (which is plugged into the fan) is here: https://bitbucket.org/goatchurch/esp8266cavelogger/src/c3c6a22d1a77c399c66918e5995245742071eff9/s20endpoint/?at=master

It connects to DoESLiverpool wifi, last known at -- (how do we find that?)

The interface is [plug/led]=[0/1]

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