Connect two ESP8266 to each other #445

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The code in
which is S20endpoint (in the S20 plug) and S20director (in a second ESP with a switch)
connect to one another through the DoES wifi network because we can't get them to connect directly to each other.

We were able to set one of them as a wifi hotspot and have our phone connect to it and control the S20 socket with

However, it was impossible to connect this one-unit (which was visible in the sf.scan() list) without getting a "STAT_NO_AP_FOUND – failed because no access point replied" error

In the end we were able to connect both to the DoES network and from one to another via its dynamic IPnumber (now it is

Ideally we need to be able to connect from one to another directly with predictable IPnumbers so that this 2 unit network can take its pairing out into the big wide world. If everyone keeps the default wifi password, then this will work with scanning and name matching to "MicroPython-.*" wifi hotspots

More info here:

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