AV setup in Events Room

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Current Audio Visual Setup in Events room

There is currently a projector which needs to be placed on a table towards the centre of the room. This has a long VGA cable. There is also a HDMI dongle that should be attached to this cable or somewhere in the room.

There is a PA system consisting of two large speakers and a mixing desk. A 3.5mm headphone jack on a long cable is in the corner of the room with the mixing desk in the small server cabinet. Instructions are on the cabinet but are currently:

  • Plug in computer audio (using 3.5mm jack)
  • Switch on upper mixer in the cabinet (note the lower mixer is not currently being used)
  • Switch on both speakers (suing a black rocker switch on the back)

The mixer knobs are labelled, use the computer input knob firstly. There is also a red microphone available for use.

Proposed Audio Visual Setup

At a minimum

  • Projector mount to attach on to the beam
  • Long VGA cable to "presentation point" at front of room.
  • Long power cable to projector
  • CAT 5 cable from hub to "presentation point" so people can get more reliable network connection.

To Discuss: What screen to use? Can we project onto the large whiteboard that's in the conference room/storage, or another whiteboard? Would then be dual use and save space of a screen.

Presumably we could try this one day? I suspect it'd be too reflective, but it shouldn't take long to test - AdrianMcEwen

We could try making our own wall-mounted screen, by painting a sheet of MDF with [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Widow_%28paint_mix%29#Black_Widow_EU] - AdrianMcEwen

To Discuss: Will we have issues with length of VGA Cable? Given long cables can be prone to degrading signal, do we need to consider options for boosting or improving the setup?

Again, can we test with the existing cable? See if it'll reach, or how much further it would need to reach? - AdrianMcEwen

If we have the budget

  • VGA converter for modern Macbook display outputs
  • If existing whiteboard is unsuitable, a flat screen/surface on the wall (We gain a foot of extra throw distance for projector, space for audience and easier to setup)
  • Speakers mounted on wall, with audio jack at "presentation point"

Dream setup

  • UHD Projector
  • HD Webcam + mics for streaming/recording presentations

Echo Reduction

A number of people have commented on the echo on the room - We should consider ways to reduce this, perhaps:

  • Projector Screen could help
  • Carpeted tiles on ceiling
  • Soft coverings on chairs
  • Plants around the room
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