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We're committed to accessibility, and want to be as open as possible to disabled people.

Items we've implemented:

  • Step-free access,
  • Floors within the space are accessible, with few minor variations in height,
  • A lift,
  • Doors wide enough to accommodate standard wheelchairs,
  • Space within the workshops to allow wheelchair users to get around as independently as possible,
  • An accessible toilet on the ground floor, and a toilet on our floor which is almost big enough to legally be accessible, and which should accommodate most.

Specific concerns

  • The front doors for our building are quite heavy. If you think you will need help to get in during business hours or when attending an event then use the intercom and mention that you would like some help. (Issue #645 )
  • The lift door has been known to not close properly on the 1st floor meaning the lift won't move. This hasn't been seen recently so we're keeping an eye on the situation (Issue #848 )

We're aware that there are needs we haven't yet accommodated or can't accommodate. Accessibility is always a work in progress, but we're always willing to help or listen to suggestions. Please don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it, and to let us know if we've missed something obvious.

Items we've identified to be implemented:

  • Hearing loop (Issue #569 )

Access to the Building

Access through the building is via an intercom or RFID if you have been provided with a fob. You then need to pass through a double width doorway although you have to manually open each door. The doorway leads straight onto the stairs with a sharp turn to the left taking you to a hallway to the lift. We know that this is accessible using a wheelchair but can't confirm if it's big enough for a mobility scooter at this time. See the pictures below for more guidance and a diagram with measurements will follow (will fix the rotation shortly).

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