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Bio Blog 2019

Ross Dalziel @cheapjack edited this page Feb 28, 2019 · 1 revision

Tuesday 26th February

DIY Microfluidics

We spent a bit of time experimenting with DIY microfluidics from this Science Practice blog before we start trying to make some of the cool stuff on Metafluidics We hand cut slits in double sided tape and mylar OHP sheet with scalpels as described in that post to see if we could reliably move food coloring from a reservoir. We then experimented using Harry Plotter the vinyl cutter to cut out simplified channels based on the Indus River Basin. Not quite got the settings right to cut channels properly

We imagined how wearable materials could act like 'pumps' for moving around coloured fluids through the capillary action of the microfluid channels so the fabric patterns would change over time. Maybe some fluids are clear but then mix together and make colours on reacting.

We imagined what tiny creatures like Vorticella could live in these tiny channels if you made them extensive and provided food, movement pumping nutrients around a living garment.

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