Bio Blog Summer 2018

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Bio Blog

A blogpost to document the Wearable Tech Groups experiments with biomaterials

First Experiments Scoby Doby DoES!


We've had a fairly good result using Kombucha to build Jackie's laser cut Icosahedron prototype. We didn't aim for a safe kombucha drink, but for some consistent SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) material.

First we dried out our SCOBYs and laser cut the shapes for the 20 Icosahedron frames. Once dried Jackie used Danish oil on the SCOBYs and frames, then both with beeswax. Finally once sewn into the frame we sewed the whole shape together.

JR spent a good deal of effort making this beautiful product photo with some photography lights.


Kombucha has a distinctive smell that some people in the space found off putting, while the fly outbreak of the summer meant the non-air tight containers had some unwelcome visitors. Our biggest issue is an efficient method for drying out our materials. One solution might be a food drying device

Our experiment with mycellium didn't quite go so well; we left it growing too long and I think other unwelcome mould was present so we ended up with a solid scary mass of many spores.

What's Next?

We're hoping to get more SCOBYs from a local supplier (@healthygutcompany) toward making a handbag prototype or lit up wearables.

Also the Cork recipe looks like a good next experiment. We are thinking or a plant pot prototype so house plants can be planted outside and just grow through the pot.

You can see how we got on with the cork composite here

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