Bio Materials

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Bio Materials Wearables Technology Sub Group

A page to document the Wearable Tech Groups experiments with biomaterials Find out more on the Bio Blog

First Experiments Scoby Doby DoES!


Kombucha recipe on Materiom PopSci Alternative Kombucha recipe We had 0.5l of cooled water and we need 27.5g of tea (tea bags approx 4g of tea so we rounded to 7 tea bags). We added tea and then 27.5g of sugar and stirred. We let that mix infuse for 5mins after stirring

  • First batch is on top of the cupboard opposite the accessible toilets as of 9/7/18
  • Transfered batch to large container 06/08/2018

Scoby wan-kenobi Kombucha Recipe

Born date 06/08/2018

There's a calendar of care for Scoby wan-kenobi next to his home on the bio-material shelf Recipe Link

Kombucha cuts

Image date 17/8/18
  • 2 x first run (born 9/7/18) Kombucha scobys flattened in the heat press, then laser cut with some Danish oil


  1. We printed out a Dremelfuge
  2. Ordered test tubes that fit it.

Mycelium grown in shredded Hemp

  • We've got samples from the biomaterial workshops by @littlepinkmaker
  • We might try cultivating spores from this sample

Mycelium grown in Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds dried out

We've got samples from the biomaterial workshops @littlepinkmaker we're going to try grow into a DoESLiverpool logo mould using coffee as that's very DoES

Shopping & Inventory

Item Ordered In Inventory
Digital Thermometer
1.3ml disposable Micropipettes
1.5ml Eppendorf tubes
Magnetic Stirrer
Mycelium sample with Coffee grounds
Mycelium sample with Hemp
Dropper/Sample grid
Vegetable Glycerol
Sodium Alganate
Ecovative GIY mycelium kit

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